jueves, 26 de enero de 2012

iCarly ''AY POR DIOS''

Hoy Un Capitulo,lo cambiara todo hoy.
Forever Friends|No matter what cutie pie crushes come between them, these gals will always be pals.Girls vs. Boys|Sam shows Freddie that she can be one of the boys by destroying him in an arm wrestling contest!Sam Showdown|This moment was just so OMG funny. Sam creamed Freddie in an arm wrestling contest!
Silly Sibs|Carly and her super silly big bro always bring on the OMG I'm ROFL moments in every episode!How's My Hair?|Nathan Kress makes sure to get that fetching Freddie look just right before the cameras start rolling.Cutie Carly|This girl is just so adorable! It's no wonder she finds herself in an OMG love triangle.Gas Trap|OMG! Somebody help Spencer! He's stuck in a smelly gas box!
The Green Eyed Monster|Uh oh Carly, it looks like you're being taken over my the mean, green, envy machine!Silly 'Stache|Jennette McCurdy never fails in the funny department. This girl's always got us in stitches.Karaoke King|Is Gibby challenging us to a karaoke duel? Bring it on!Soapy Struggle|It looks like Spencer got in a serious fight with some shower suds. Um, Spence? Are you okay?Savvy Cyber Cutie|This girl's got style, sass, and her own web show. What a catch!Lone Ranger|Don't be sad, Sam! We know crushes are hard. But you never know...things just might turn around:).Serious Seddie|OMG! Don't you just love these super serial moments between Seddie? We can't wait to see what happens next between them!Precious Pals|Oh Seddie, oh Creddie. Will we ever be able to decide? No matter what happens, you'll always be the best TV trio we've ever known.

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