martes, 27 de diciembre de 2011

Winx Club ''El Fenix De La Sombra''

Mañana No Te Pierdas El Nuevo Especial De Winx Club ''El Fenix De La Sombra'' Mañana Solo En Nickelodeon.

Meet The Pixies|The Pixies are adorable and powerful little friends. Looks like the fairies found new besties! Aisha To The Rescue|Aisha, a new fairy at Alfea College, sweeps the pixies in her arms and attempts to rescue them from an evil wizard. Watch Out Aisha!|Looks like rescuing the pixies won't be as easy as she thought!

Lord Darkar Appears|The very powerful and diabolical wizard won't Aisha take the pixies from him before his master plan is fulfilled. What could it be?! Living in a Bubble|The Pixies are at the mercy of the Lord Darkar until someone can help them. Ailing Aisha|The Winx Club finds Aisha wounded and scared in the woods and jump at the chance to help a fellow fairy.

Sad Stormy |The usually loud and dark Stormy looks a little subdued after being banished. Will it last? A Surprise Visit|Woah! An unexpected visitor helps free The Trix! The Trix Are Back|The evil trio is free to wreck havoc and now they are stronger than ever!

They're Off!|The Winx Club travel to Lord Darkar's fortress to find the pixies. Reunited With The Enemy|The Trix give the fairies an evil welcome to the fortress. Bloom's Pixie Pal|Bloom meets and bonds with her Pixie. So cute!

Stella's Sweet Pixie|Stella's all smiles to meet her new mini friend. Musa MMusa and her pixie strike the right note and become fast friends. Pixie Party|With the fairies and pixies together, nothing can bring them down!

Picture Perfect|Who sent Flora this lovely drawing of her? Does she have a secret admirer? Stormy's Revenge|Uh oh! Looks like Stormy's not holding back on the pixies. Watch out! Who's Avalon?|The new teacher at Alfea and Bloom are getting along magically.

Winx Power!|The fairies are ready to transform and kick some major butt! Evil Bloom|Cast under a spell, Bloom is now under the control of Lord Darkar. Can Bloom break the spell before it's too late? Bloom's Last Effort|Bloom summons the forces to complete the last steps of Lord Darkar's plans.

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