viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2011


Take Two!|Jennette and Miranda are ready to take action on the set of this iPsycho sequel. Read Between the Lines|Miranda prepares her performance as she reads over the script between takes. Face Time|Jennette, Nathan, and Miranda are so busy fiddling with their phone, they have Noah idea what's behind them!

Farming Family|Miranda and Jerry are kickin' it like country folk while relaxing in the homestead. Yee-Haw!|Are Miranda and Jennette about to film another iCarly scene? Or are they headed to the Wild West?
Giddy Up Cowgirls!|Jennette and Miranda are ready to get this show on the road! They're also ready for some country line dancing...  At It Again|It may have been a while since the last iPsycho episode, but now Jennette and Miranda are back in the saddle!   Psycho Shindig|This party is getting crazy! And not in a good way...
This is Torture!|No matter how hard Freddie tries, he can't ig-Nora this crazy iCarly fan.  Heads Up!|Someone better warn the cast of iCarly. 'Cause this party is headed in the wrong direction...   Dangerous Doze|Carly, don't be a dummy. You can't sleep when there's a psycho on the loose!
Ladies Mannequinn|Mann-he-quinn sure score the ladies, can't he? LOL!  A Fifth Wheel|Spencer feels a little left out of the party. That could be because he's trapped in the basement on a wheel-o-death!  Wheel of Misfortune|When psycho fan, Nora, puts Spencer on this fun wheel, it's up to Carly to spin things in the right direction.

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